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Terms and Conditions

Your safety and well-being are our priority.
These can only be guaranteed with the cooperation of all in following the established rules.
Take care of yourself and those around you, act responsibly therefore allowing everyone to enjoy the space and the sport safely.

Please read the following regulations carefully and watch our safety video  before reserving your session.



These terms and conditions contain the usage rules for all those visiting Vertigo Climbing Center, from the moment they enter our facilities until they leave  as well as in the adjacent outdoor spaces (café and terrace area). Even those not  practicing any physical activity are bound by these regulations.

These rules cover all activities carried out in Vertigo Climbing Center, including the use of climbing walls, fitness equipment in the gym area, shower areas and lockers, rental of equipment and participation in courses, events and competitions. During a competition or other event organized by Vertigo, athletes and spectators must comply with the specific rules associated with the event, in addition to the general rules of use of  Vertigo Climbing Center. All participants in group training classes and courses organized by Vertigo are subject to these rules as well.

Vertigo reserves the right to limit or prevent customers from entering its premises for security reasons or for behavior deemed inappropriate. For all damage or loss deliberately caused on our premises, Vertigo reserves the right to claim compensatory damages.

Failure to comply with any of the rules of these terms and conditions will cause automatic expulsion from the premises, without the right to any compensatory measure.


1. Vertigo users and staff must always maintain a courteous and polite attitude, guided by common sense and respect for general rules.

2. Smoking is expressly prohibited inside Vertigo.

3. The sale and consumption of alcohol is only allowed to people over 18 years of age and restricted to the café and terrace. Entry is prohibited to anyone who shows obvious signs of any type of alcohol or drug intoxication.

4. The consumption of drinks and food is only allowed in the café and terrace area.

5. Only authorized Vertigo personnel may give climbing lessons, classes or any other recreational and training activities. Any personnel not part of the Vertigo staff who undertakes this type of activity without Vertigo’s acknowledgement and approval will be forced to leave the premises without the right to any compensation.

6. Any problem detected with the climbing wall, pegs, equipment or any other area of ​​the premises, in addition to any inappropriate behavior on the part of another user, must be reported directly to Vertigo’s staff.


Each user and/or his/her legal representative hereby acknowledges:

a. Understanding that climbing, in its different modalities, is a sports activity that is not without risks, despite being mitigated to a large extent by the proper use of the facilities and the following of the normal safety measures contained in these regulations.

b. To have received complete and sufficient information about the characteristics of the activity and have read the present regulation.

c. To possess all physical and mental conditions essential to practice sports at Vertigo Climbing Center, using the facilities at your own risk.

d. To know and accept that the practice of sports involves risks to your physical integrity and that of third parties, including, but not exclusively: injuries, illnesses, sprains and/or fractures, permanent disability and even death.

e. To know and accept that the risks arising from the practice of this activity are imponderable and cannot be fully controlled, either by the user or by Vertigo Climbing Center. Users must assume the possible negative consequences that may arise from the practice of this activity.

f. To have been informed and accepted that in the event of an accident or other health problem Vertigo Climbing Center will provide all the assistance within its reach in terms of first aid and will organize and obtain, if necessary, certified medical personnel to assist, for which the user agrees to pay all costs inherent to this assistance and accepts that Vertigo Climbing Center does not have any pecuniary liability in this matter.

g. Upon entering into this agreement, that he/she unconditionally releases Vertigo Climbing Center from any claim or indemnity resulting from your participation in Vertigo’s activities, including common negligence.

h.. All these regulations are extended and applied to minors, even under the guardianship of others.


Vertigo is open every weekday:

– 10am to 11pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays;

– 10am to 11pm on Wednesdays;

– 10am to 8pm on Saturdays;

– 10am to 6pm on Sundays and holidays.

During the months of July, August and December the working hours may vary and due to legal restrictions, they may also change.

Vertigo Climber Center is closed on December 25th and 31st as well as January 1st.

When organizing events and competitions, Vertigo Climbing Center may have to close to the public, reserving the right to limit or extending the opening and closing times. In either case, information about these changes will always be announced in advance through Vertigo’s social networks and other communication channels. In those instances members will not be refunded.

Furthermore, Vertigo reserves the right to temporarily limit access to certain areas of the facility for group training, initiation classes, courses, events, cleaning or maintenance of climbing walls or for work related to bouldering equipment (routesetting) or any other special event. These limitations do not justify any refund of the entry fee.


The maximum capacity of the climbing gym is 60 people.
The use of the space is limited to sessions (slots) of 2 hours per day per person, which can be extended if space capacity allows it.


To access Vertigo’s facilities for the purpose of climbing, exercising in the training and fitness areas and/or participating in classes, courses, competitions or events (either as participants or spectators), prior registration at the reception desk is mandatory. Here, each user can purchase their day pass,  join or renew monthly subscriptions or/and subscribe to any other of our services.

Each user must sign the Term of Responsibility Waiver, by which he/she declares to know and respect the Usage Rules of Vertigo Climbing Center.


Children under 5 years old are not allowed to use the climbing space under any circumstances.

Children under 12 years of age can only access the climbing and training areas with the express prior consent of at least one parent or guardian (hereinafter referred to as the legal representative) who must remain on the premises, with the child, at all times, unless he or she is accompanied by a Vertigo Monitor as part of an organized activity.

Minors under the age of 18 will only be able to access Vertigo’s facilities with the consent of a legal representative, by signing the Term of Responsibility Waiver. The legal representative accepts that a minor may use Vertigo’s facilities and participate in its activities, aware that Vertigo cannot be held responsible for any implications resulting from such use.

Activities for children and young people, namely group classes, events and competitions, may be subject to age restrictions. Participation in any of these activities requires the written consent of the legal representative and the presentation of a valid identification document.

Vertigo reserves the right to exclude minors from an activity for safety reasons or inappropriate behavior.


1 – The use of climbing shoes on the climbing walls is mandatory. Customers who do not have their own climbing shoes may rent them at the front desk.

2 – Access is only allowed to minors under 12 years of age, under permanent supervision of a responsible adult, either the legal representative or a qualified Vertigo Monitor.

3 – Before starting to climb, each user must ensure that he does not interfere, nor is he on the collision course of any other climber.

4 – The use of powdered or balled chalk is not allowed. Only the use of liquid chalk is allowed in the climbing area.

5 – It is not allowed to consume food or drinks in the climbing area, gym or locker area, only in the cafe area and it’s terrace.

6 – Belonging (such as shoes, clothes, cell phones, etc.) cannot be left unattended on the surface of the mattresses.

7 – It is not allowed to climb shirtless.

9 – As far as possible, avoid jumping from the highest points of the climbing wall, opting, whenever possible, to climb down. A bad fall can cause inconvenient and even serious injuries.

10 – Whenever possible, the climber must verbally warn other users present in the vicinity of the drop zone. We advise all users to cushion the fall as best they can.

11 – The user must pay attention to other climbers at all times and respect their space. One should never climb over or under another climber and is not allowed to walk or stand under another climber on the wall.

12 – It is not allowed to climb beyond the upper limit of the walls, namely towards the back of the climbing wall structure.

13 – Brushing the boulders is a good practice that shows respect for the other users of the space. Although the usage of a brush is not mandatory, brushes are considered, in the likes of chalk and tape, to be one of the basic individual equipment that all Vertigo’s users should use. Vertigo’s brushes are available in the climbing area, feel free to use them. Vertigo’s store also has them available for sale.

14 – It is strictly forbidden to walk barefoot in the climbing gym or café area.


All prices and conditions are available on our website and in physical format at our facilities. In the event of inconsistencies, the binding version of the document will be the one available at our facilities.

Day passes and all memberships (monthly, semester and annual) are personal and non-transferable. Day passes are valid only on the day of purchase.

Packs of 10 sessions are transferable, but unused sessions are non-refundable.

All membership (monthly, quarterly, semester and annual) end on the last day of the membership and are not automatically renewed.

Free-pass memberships can start on any day of the month (no obligation to take the first day of the month as the starting point) and remain valid for a period of 30, 90 or 365 days depending on the chosen method – monthly, quarterly or annuity.

All memberships are renewed from the end of the preceding membership, unless two weeks have elapsed from its end.

Membership purchased by users are not refundable under any circumstances. This includes injuries and/or illnesses.

All users who have a membership or a 10 pack are automatically considered Vertigo Climbing Center members, benefiting from special discounts of 10% on the purchase of climbing equipment and outdoor activities. They also benefit from ad-hoc discounts when organizing events or competitions.

In the event of injury or illness, half-yearly and annual memberships may be suspended/frozen for a monthly maintenance fee of €15 per person. The minimum duration of this suspension is one month and in order to release the maintenance fee, the member must inform Vertigo 3 days in advance.

Direct debits start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. Unused days are non-refundable and memberships paid by direct debit are automatically renewed unless they are written off 5 days in advance via e-mail, by completing the form available on the Vertigo website for that purpose.

All payments can be made in cash, via bank card or other electronic means (MB Way).


Discounts associated with tuition fees for under 25 year old’s and Erasmus students affiliated with Erasmus Life Lisbon are only applicable upon presentation of a valid identification document or ELL card


Only first-degree relatives can benefit from family discounts (10% on all memberships).


We always advise you to book your training session in advance through the BETA app or our website, especially if you want to train during rush hour (5pm-9pm). However, we continue to accept drop-ins if there’s available space in the gym. 

To make your appointment, just search for Vertigo Climbing Center in the BETA app or click here and follow the steps described. After you complete your booking you will receive an email confirming your appointment.

It is strictly mandatory to check-in and check-out of your session at our reception desk.

In order to avoid crowding at the reception of the space and in the bathrooms, the check-in and check-out times for each training session will be staggered.


Customers can cancel their daily appointments by phone to 211320947 up to 3 hours before the start of their training session. If they do not, they may be subject to possible restrictions on future session bookings.

Individual and group activities (other than periodic weekly training sessions) such as initiation classes, birthday parties, school activities, summer camps, companies, trips and outdoor sessions, can only be canceled up to 72 hours before the date of the activity by sending an email to vertigoroco@gmail.com. Cancellations without 72 hours’ notice will not be eligible for a refund.


Group training classes attendance requires pre-registration through e-mail to vertigoroco@gmail.com and pre-payment and is subject to existing vacancies according to the limited number of people per class, which may vary. 

Make-up classes for missed classes from group classes is only permitted when the following conditions are met:

1) We only permit a make-up class when the absence was previously communicated, either by email (up to 24 hours in advance) or by telephone (up to 4 hours in advance)
2) Make-up classes must always be attended within the month of the absence, by appointment via email.
3) Make-up attendance is subject to existing vacancies in each class and Vertigo cannot guarantee them.

 Missing group training classes cannot be compensated for by a free training entrance in our gym.

There are no group classes on holidays and this fact does not give students any right to refund or compensation.

Students are entitled to special prices for single tickets (€8) and free pass tuition (€25).

Finally, we remind you that all students must check in at reception before the start of each class.


Vertigo is not responsible for any object lost or stolen inside its premises, including in the locker areas. Vertigo recommends that all users do not deposit valuables in the locker area without a secure locking system. Objects found in our facilities will remain stored for a maximum period of 3 weeks. If within this period they are not claimed by the owners, they will be donated to charitable and social solidarity organizations.


In accordance with Law No. 58/2019, of 8 August (Personal Data Protection Law), the user authorizes that the personal data provided be used by Vertigo for the management of customer data, but also for information campaigns and of marketing. Those interested in exercising their right to access, rectify or cancel their personal information may write to Vertigo requesting this change, under the terms provided for in the Law, to Vertigo’s address or by e-mail. The user and/or their legal representative authorize Vertigo to use their name and image for Vertigo’s promotion and communication purposes.

Vertigo may take photographs and videos in which users present in the space appear and is authorized to use these images for marketing and other promotional purposes, without obligation of any financial compensation. Any commercial videos and photographs not previously and duly authorized by Vertigo are prohibited.

Photographs and videos may be taken for personal use only. The recording of photographs and videos in the changing rooms is absolutely prohibited.


Vertigo Climbing Centers reserves its right to modify, at any given time, these terms and conditions as well the prices and any other legal documentation. These modifications are effective immediately upon posting on the Vertigo facility.

This regulation is governed by Portuguese law. The impossibility of enforcing any provision of this agreement does not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision unless it conflicts with the fundamental rights and obligations established by this agreement for each party.

The full text presented here was written in Portuguese and English, although its interpretation in the Portuguese version is preferable.

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