Climbing Classes

You want to learn to climb or just get back to climbing and don’t know how and where to start? You’ll find all the guidance you need in our Group Classes! We have classes every day of the week for Kids (from 5 years old), Teens and Adults. All our classes are structured by trainers with several years of climbing experience and specific education on the physical and mental aspects of climbing. Check our class schedule below and sign up by phone, email or in person at Vertigo!

Despite the group setting of our classes, our trainers pay special attention to every participant and adapt the session to each one’s capacities and objectives.

The ADULTS and TEENS classes always have a strong physical element which helps to develop a good form, not only for your climbing performance but for a generally healthy lifestyle.

In the KIDS classes, apart from teaching the general principles of climbing such as balance, strength, coordination, foot work and types of holds, there’s always lots of room for play, with competitions and other activities designed specifically for these age groups. The classes have a strong pedagogical element: through climbing, our trainers familiarize the kids with such values as perseverance, strategy, confidence and courage.

Private Class Schedule


Group Class Schedule

4PMLevel I (Kids 5-9)
5PMLevel III (Teens)Level III (Teens)
6PMLevel II (Kids 10-12)Level I (Kids 5-9)Level II (Kids 10-12)Level I (Kids 5-9) Level I (Kids 5-9)
7PMAdults - Level 1Adults - Level 1Adults - Level 1Adults - Level 1Adults - Level 1
8PMAdults - Level 2Adults - Level 1Adults - Level 1Adults - Level 2Adults - Level 1


Group Classes ADULTS

1 x per week€50
2 x per week€65
3 x per week€75
Assessment Class€15
Pack 10 Classes€150

Group Classes KIDS

1 x per week€50
2 x per week€60
3 x per week€70
Single Class€15
Pack 10 Classes€135

Intro Class (1h)

1 Participant€25
2 Participants€40
3 Participants€55
4 Participants€65
5 Participants€75

Personal Training (1h)

Individual - Single Session€30
Individual - Pack 10€270 (10% discount)
2 Participants - Single Session€20/person (35% discount)
2 Participants - Pack 10€180/person (40% discount)
Training Plan (4 Weeks)€70

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