Whether as a team activity or to treat clients, a team-building or coaching event in our space is great for any occasion.

Climbing requires technical ability, spatial perception and communication skills among other things, which makes it extremely suitable for strengthening relations and promoting self-confidence in a team dynamic. Our team-building exercises take advantage of the fact that climbing is an activity oriented towards problem-solving to encourage team members to communicate and get to know each other better.

Besides making for a great get-together, our exercises offer the participants tools for improved stress management and for developing a better understanding of those around them, themselves and what they are capable of. The result is a stronger team with members that are better prepared for the professional and personal challenges of everyday life.


Each exercise is developed specifically to meet your company’s needs and wishes, whether for a day or a longer program.

We can offer catering.

We also organize parties!


Please get in touch for a personalized program and pricing offer .

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